Supplier Information Webinar – Recording Available Now

Last week I ran the latest Real World Procurement (RWP) webinar, titled What Do You Need to Know About Your Suppliers?

Until recently I would have said the BravoSolution RWP webinar, but now it is of course the Jaggaer RWP webinar. I don’t know whether this is a good omen for the acquisition and the new powerhouse of procurement technology, but we got a record number of registrations for the event, and a pretty huge audience who showed up on the day. Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope you got something useful / interesting out of it.

Put that popularity down to supplier information management being a hot topic, or it’s February and people have nothing better to do, or the amazingly insightful analysis I presented – you take your pick. Probably the first of those, I suspect.

In the session, I talked about the context for supplier information management (SIM), and different ways to look at how you might decide what information is relevant – relating it to the supplier lifecycle, or to the purpose behind the information. Then we got into how topics that were previously “optional” for organisations and fitted into a corporate social responsibility bucket are increasingly becoming regulated. The Modern Slavery Act in the UK is an example, and of course the latest hot topic is GDPR – the general data protection regulations.

Behaviour and processes that were previously seen as good practice or “nice to haves” are now part of the regulatory framework, and firms face fines and legal action rather than just a slap on the wrists if they do not comply. As I said last week, this was not intended to be a specialist GDPR session, but I did go into the basics and some of the issues procurement executives need to think about. That means very much sooner rather than later as well; GDPR all goes live in May.

I also talked about how this regulatory aspect means you can’t just look at information management in terms of your usual supplier segmentation (collaborative/ strategic/ operational suppliers and all that). Regulations cut across your whole supplier base.

Anyway, even if you missed us last week, you can still listen in here to the on-demand recording (free on registration). And as an additional bonus, my college Jason Busch, founder of Spend Matters, was in town and popped in to help me with the Q&A part of the session. So don’t miss his views and insight on a number of areas including technology aspects of SIM.

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