Supplier Management Webinar with Spend Matters and Zycus – coming soon

Don’t forget, you can register now via this link for our webinar next week with Jason Busch, Richard Waugh of Zycus and me talking about Supplier Management.

It’s titled “Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement” and it is being held at on June 5th at 5pm UK time (that’s  6pm in continental western Europe, and 12 noon  on the East Coast of the US).

Why should you care about this topic? Well, here’s a question – what do business stakeholders see as the core of the procurement and supply chain world? What does it mean to them?

I’d argue it is “suppliers”. Suppliers are the visible and critical result or consequence of the procurement work carried out. So stakeholders will judge the success and ability of the procurement function very heavily based on whether they feel they have ended up with good suppliers who meet their needs.

As I know from bitter experience, your protestations of wonderful tendering, category management or negotiation will count for nought if “your” supplier messes up in the eyes of the production director, CIO or marketing head. And of course it will always be “your” supplier, when they do mess up!

So that’s one reason why procurement leaders are increasingly putting the supplier at the heart of procurement strategies and processes. And that’s one of the topics we will be exploring during the webinar next week. But what does that mean? What can you actually do to reflect that philosophical position? We’ll get into some practical steps as well in terms of end to end supplier management – from cradle to grave, adoption to dismissal.

Register here  for the webinar (see link above) and then even if you can’t make the live show you can listen back later. And everyone who registers will get a pre-release copy of our new research paper,

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