Supplier Networks – do you understand the risks?

We’ve touched on issues around supplier networks before. Does your organisation understand the risks and the questions you should be asking of your suppliers in this growing sector?  This is an important issue, and one that my US colleagues Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell understand better than virtually anyone.  Jason’s view is that procurement technology is still in its relatively early phases, so is un-regulated and often users don’t understand the risks they’re running.

So I can thoroughly recommend a webinar next week with Pierre talking about this very subject. Here’s what the guys say on the Spend Matters US website.

“Just like the Wild West of old, it’s up to each company to sling its own revolver to enforce justice. But most organizations aren’t aware of the potential risk they’re exposing themselves to, if they don’t get the business practices (and expectations) of this Max Max-like environment.

But don’t fret! In the upcoming webinar, Procurement Technology Bill of Rights: Security and Freedom in B2B Data Management, Pierre Mitchell will tackle a topic that he is especially passionate about. Like a preacher trying to save the souls of the damned – or a young Continental Congress articulating the rights of man for the first time in such eloquent terms – Pierre wants us to reach a new level of awareness regarding the bigger universe that is working around us and our rights within it.

So join Pierre next week, Wednesday, December 11 to be exact, from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CST (that’s 3 - 4pm London time, or 4 – 5 pm rest of Western Europe) to learn your P2P and supplier network rights in a world where some providers are trying to behave as both the sheriff and mugger at the same time. Register here. Even if you can’t attend, we’ll send you the slides and a link to the recording – and we promise no more mixed metaphors on the topic!”

Well worth an hour of your time if you are a user of SAP / Ariba, Oracle, Hubwoo, Coupa, OB10, Elcom, etc, etc...

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