Supply Chain Risk Papers – Download the Whole Series

If you are a diligent and regular reader you may have spotted that over the past couple of months we have published five short briefing papers on major causes of supply chain risk. Those topics are financial risk, corporate image and related risks, natural disasters, “man-made” risks (such as fires or labour disputes) and geo-political risk.

We’re grateful to our sponsors riskmethods for giving their support to the series. (And if you don’t know what riskmethods do, then take a look at our article here – their platform is a very impressive tool that helps hundreds of organisations manage global supply chain risk more successfully).

If you haven’t picked up on our papers so far, you can download them all here (free on registration). Each one is just two pages long, and packed with useful information and insights about the specific risk category. The five titles are:

The Most Effective Ways to Mitigate Supplier Financial Risk

Corporate Image & Compliance at Risk: How to Mitigate the Hidden Risks Lurking in Your Supply Chain

Natural Disasters – How to Mitigate Unavoidable Risks

Man-Made" Risk - Different Risks Require Thoughtful Strategies

Geo-political Risk - An Informed Global View Is Essential

The “natural disasters” paper is perhaps particularly relevant at the moment given events in Texas. But for each one, we give some background about the risk, and discuss what drives it. We then look at the potential impact for the buyers who are affected by that risk in their supply chain – understanding those impacts is important if you are building the internal business case to invest in addressing risk management.

Then perhaps the most important element of each paper looks at what buyers can do to best manage the risk; for instance, in some cases you might be able to take some steps to avoid the risk, in other cases the critical point is how quickly you can react once events trigger that risk.

We finish with some brief conclusions, and we also sprinkle the paper with a handful of short case studies or nuggets of information from external sources. All in all, we hope it is a useful package which you can read and digest in just a few minutes, but might be a handy reference document as well.

We’ve got a webinar coming in the autumn too around risk issues; more information about this shortly.


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