Supply Chain Risk Webinar – Correction to UK Timing

We’ve told you about our webinar this Thursday, 12th October with risk solution provider riskmethods, titled Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk: How to Prevent Avoidable Risk & Mitigate the Unavoidable.

You can register via that link.

We did however in our previous articles give you the wrong time! Many apologies. We said the event was taking place at 4pm UK time – IT IS ACTUALLY 3PM.

There’s an interesting risk - getting confused about time zones! Heiko Schwarz, one of the founders of riskmethods is speaking as well from Munich, where of course it will be 4pm, hence my confusion. That's my excuse, anyway.

Anyway, we will be looking at how you can develop positive risk management and mitigation actions even for those unavoidable risks, ranging from volcanoes to civil war. Sometimes people think it is hardly worth considering such risks as “there’s nothing much we can do about it”. But that’s not true of course.

You can put plans in place, and you can take action to avoid or reduce those risks.  It’s not just about what you do in anticipation though – I’m very interested in the way organisations respond when risks occur and turn into issues that require immediate action from the buyer. That can often be where the real problems lie – or equally, where firms can even obtain competitive advantage by handling the issue better than others in their market.

It’s going to be a short, sharp session, with Heiko and me - 30-35 minutes only, so do register here. And remember it’s 4pm UK time.

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