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I flagged this the other day, but my piece on 'ten questions for Minsters on public procurement' is now on the Supply Management blog.

Wouldn't it be good if someone actually answered them?  Anyone in the Cabinet Office press team read this blog?

By the way, the rumour about who might run the Efficiency and Reform Group that I cryptically referred to the other day may I hear not be coming to fruition.  I have no alternative rumour as yet.  Fabio Capello?

On that note, I always thought the Daily Mail was the champion of the headline that invites the screamed answer "NO"!

("Are single mothers to blame for global warming?"  You know the sort of thing. Read this for more great examples)

But I thought the Standard last night was vying for the  crown with this front page splash.

"Should David Beckham be the new England Coach?"

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