Supply Management procurement outsourcing article from DHL

Good to see an interesting advertisement article in Supply Management and on their blog  from Roger West of DHL, explaining the huge benefits they have brought to the outsourced NHS Logistics service.  Might have been interesting though to see some customer views, survey results or similar to support what is inevitably a one sided view of what's happened there over the last few years.

And I wouldn't have chosen this (as Roger does) as my first 'example of innovation' in the piece;

"directly sourcing products from low-cost manufacturing countries,"

Good news for UK plc!  Go DHL!  UK public sector procurement puts British workers out of jobs!

(Actually I am not at all protectionist by inclination but I suggest DHL might want to present this sort of thing a little more carefully.....)

On a more serious note however, I've been thinking about procurement outsourcing recently as we seem to get a steady stream of research reports predicting growth; yet it never does quite seem to happen.   But I wonder whether the next few years might actually see it taking off in the public sector.  Several factors could come together to make that more likely than ever; I'll explain more over the next week or so.

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