Taulia – a flexible approach to dynamic discounting and a push into Europe

After the e-invoicing roundtable the other day, I had a quick chat with Bertram Meyer, CEO, and Jon Keating, MD Europe of Taulia. Nigel Taylor, who has recently joined the firm from GXS(also Keating’s previous firm),  joined us after his exertions as chair of the roundtable – he didn’t look too frazzled after his pretty challenging day!

We’ve mentioned Taulia in passing but not featured them strongly here, mainly because their European presence has been fairly limited, despite the fact that Meyer, their founder, is German. They are headquarted in California, but that focus is changing now, with small offices in London and Dusseldorf, and the recruitment of Keating.  The UK based team for instance “should be into double figures in the New Year”.

Taulia were founded in 2009 as a software as a service provider focusing on “automating and improving he accounts payable process”.  As we’ll see, as well as e-invoicing, supply chain finance and dynamic discounting is a major part of that. And whilst we haven’t reviewed the firm and their services on this site, my US colleagues have done so - read this series if you want a more in-depth analysis (here is the final part of 5 with links to the others). But put simply, Taulia provide another option for buyers to both automate invoicing and offer their suppliers flexible early payment options - in return of course for discounts on the sums owed to the suppliers.

One aspect that appears to make Taulia different from many of the alternative solution providers is the flexibility of their platform. For instance, suppliers can literally choose invoice by invoice which they want to put forward for the financing option.  Their platform enables the buyer to run e-invoicing processes through it, or it can sit alongside an existing P2P system and pick up invoices from that system. Those invoices can then be considered for the financing options. Indeed, much of their early success has come from working with users who have SAP as their P2P system – clearly, Taulia integrates well in these cases.

As well as SAP, Taulia have worked with other providers too – even OB10, who might be perceived as a competitor. But that is likely to happen less often now with OB10 becoming part of Tungsten and looking to offer more in the way of their own financing options.

So, another young and growing firm in this sector – I’m planning to have a proper product demo shortly, and we’ll report back in more detail then. But if you’re interested in e-invoicing, dynamic discounting and supply chain finance, make sure Taulia are on your radar.

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