Taxi! Take me to my hotel (b****y miles away) please!

I'm back from a couple of days with a client in the North West.

Green shoots of economic recovery perhaps; we couldn't get into a hotel within 10 miles of the client's office. My colleagues waited over an hour for their food the first night, the restaurant was so busy.  The regular taxi firm clearly subcontracted our fare for one journey.

But perhaps jobs aren't following the pick-up as they might.  I've noticed really poor service - as per the restaurant - a few times recently where shops, bars, hotels seem to be very under-staffed.  Perhaps business is picking up but managers are holding off recruiting for now?  Which could mean we will hit a positive tipping point shortly for jobs; as long as we don't hit the dreaded double-dip, which may be the worry of those businesses who are just driving existing staff harder!

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