Teenage Fanclub and the potency of cheap music

I just mentioned in passing last week the new Teenage Fanclub album, "Shadows".  It has now appeared on Spotify and it is very good, a somewhat folkier, calmer version of their earlier style  (which is a compliment - 'Bandwagonesque' being an all time top 20 album for me) ...But there is one track on the album which I have listened to a dozen times in the last 2 days;  "If I still have thee".

It is as corny as hell, a hugely predictable chord pattern, sounds like a dozen other songs...and yet...shivers down the spine, lump in the throat, funny feeling inside....

"Extraordinary how potent cheap music is" (as Noel Coward said). Not calling Teenage Fanclub cheap, but isn't it amazing how, for many of us, a simple piece of music has the ability to affect us so strongly, and so quickly.  That's not to say a brilliant novel, or play can't do the same, but it tends to be a slow burn.  Music can hit you right between the eyes in a few moments at the strangest times (Frank Turner doing an acoustic version of Abba's 'Dancing Queen' at Reading Festival last year was probably my most ridiculous such moment ever)!

I suspect visual art does it for some people; not particularly for me, but I can see it could be the same. My daughter is studying neuroscience and psychology at uni; perhaps she can explain.

Anyway, check it out on Spotify if you can.

Teenage Fanclub – When I Still Have Thee

Also avaiable here to listen to when I last checked.

And...you're going to be hearing a lot of Kylie's new song over the summer.  Luckily, it is the best thing she has done since 'can't get you out of my head' so hopefully you won't mind too much.  Probably not cool to say so, but it is great.

Video here...

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