Tell the World You Made the Spend Matters 50/50: Media FAQ

Whooooo boy is everyone excited about the Top 50/50 lists! If you’re a company that was included, here’s a quick media guide to how you can tell the world about your inclusion.

1) How should I refer to our inclusion in the Spend Matters 50/50?

Please feel free to refer to your firm as being on either the:

- Spend Matters Almanac 50/50 List

- Spend Matters Almanac  "50 to Watch List"

- Spend Matters Almanac  "50 to Know List"

Please do not refer to any particular placement on the list because the list is not ranked by design (notice how we chose the generic “alphabetical” presentation). Also, it is not an "award," as such. You merely made the list. But hopefully that counts for something!

2) Can I do a press release on the inclusion?

Yes, but please contact Sheena Moore at Spend Matters prior to doing so if possible. We are happy to provide a standard quotation about the 50/50 list (overall or individually) for your press release. Commentary on individual providers (as part of press releases) is always reserved for existing Spend Matters sponsors or those providers with Premium Almanac listings.

3) Do you have any associated graphics I can use with mention of the list?

Yes. Please, please contact Sheena Moore to get a special graphic to use (you will receive an email with all of this information as well). Please do not reproduce any other content, images, or graphics associated with the 50/50. This does not apply to providers who have separate agreements with us (see #5 below).

4) When will my free "upgraded" Spend Matters Almanac entry become visible?

We expect to launch the Spend Matters Almanac on 18 March 2014. At that point, your listing, provided it has been submitted and approved, will be live on the site.

For those who were not included in the 50/50 lists, this is when you will be able to submit your entries as well.

5) Can we expect additional commentary from Spend Matters on the 2014 50/50 organizations?

Absolutely. We will cover all 100 providers/organizations in individual Spend Matters posts. However, please note this is copyright material, as is all Spend Matters content. We are more than happy if you want to link to it via your site, press releases or other materials, but please do not quote it unless you are a Premium Almanac member, in which case you may quote this material (you will also have a reprint/PDF to it). Please note that violation of this policy may result in material on your organization being taken down from the site permanently.

Last, as an incentive to provide the relevant information as quickly as possible, we will cover the providers (see above) in submission order based on when they provided their free Spend Matters Almanac listing.

6) I never got the email to provide information and for the free listing. Who should I contact?

Emails were sent to one person from every included organization (in most cases, the person we talk to the most!) If you think that person should have been you, tell Sheena Moore.

7) I'm not on the list, yet I'm reading this. How can I get on the list?

Get to know us this year and do share product demonstrations, customer/member references, innovative IP (including research), membership benefits and highlights (for member organizations), etc. Contact Sydney Lazarus to schedule briefing time with our analysts.

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