Ten Procurement New Year Resolutions

We mentioned our “Ten New Year Resolutions” piece for BravoSolution last week – it’s a short light read we hope, but nonetheless with some serious points. To give you a flavour of that, here are resolutions one and ten!.

Resolution no. 1 - I will identify my 5 most difficult internal stakeholders and take them out for a coffee /beer / triple Absinthe and Coke

Or whatever their beverage of choice might be. We all know that dealing with internal stakeholders can be a lot more challenging than dealing with suppliers. Funnily enough, suppliers tend to be nice to buyers, while stakeholders feel no such obligation! Our carefully thought out category strategy, or expensive P2P solution can come unstuck because of a simple “no” from a key internal decision maker or stakeholder. At this point, I will admit that this issue makes me look back on my days as a Procurement Director with some embarrassment. I was very quick to blame stakeholders when they couldn’t see the perfection of my plans, and naïve enough to think that they should just “get it” in terms of our procurement goals, without me having to do a lot of communication or persuasion. I was wrong. So get out there, understand their needs, fears and challenges, and start explaining how you can help them. And buy them a drink.


Resolution no. 10 – I will make a real effort to broaden my thinking, and do something for the greater good

Why not make an effort to do something outside your comfort zone next year? Even if you don't change jobs, get out and meet some suppliers or procurement peers in different areas to the ones you are familiar with. Get involved with CIPS or other trade or professional associations.  Or why not contribute to the CIPS President’s initiative – David Smith is looking to procurement professionals to encourage new entrants to the profession, either youngsters or mid-career people. You could go and speak at the local school or college. Or mentor a young person; or even take on a procurement apprentice in your organisation. This type of initiative can help you to broaden your thinking or experience, whilst also helping others – there’s a great combination of benefits to finish off these resolutions!

We cover topics as varied as market informed sourcing technology, negotiation and spend analytics   amongst the other eight, so download the document here (free of charge) to see the rest of our resolutions.

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