The 12 Procurement Days of Christmas – Slides Available from BravoSolution RWS Briefing

Last week’s BravoSolution Real World Sourcing briefing was titled “The 12 Procurement Days of Christmas” and was not, being honest, quite like our other sessions. Anything that features Guy Allen pretending to be twins (the difficult Marketing Director making strange requests of procurement, and the somewhat more reasonable Manufacturing Director, who needed swans for nefarious purposes), plus me playing the recorder, cannot be entirely serious! Actually, Guy showed unexpected acting abilities, and we hear he is thinking of giving up the football coaching and putting his name down as a mature student for RADA next year...

geese-175173_640But amongst the lighter elements, I hope we made some serious points. For instance, why would you buy six geese-a-laying? Is it really the geese you want, or the eggs they are producing? So do you need to buy the means of production, or just the finished product? And if you need the eggs, do you want whole eggs, liquid eggs, spray-dried albumen powder...?

So you can see some interesting supply chain issues and that strategic thinking may be needed there, not to mention some whole-life cost modelling! We even brought Henry Ford into the discussion, with his principles around vertical integration of the supply chain – buying his own forests and steel mills for instance. Surely he would have bought the geese, if not the whole farm too.

All this to think about, and that was just for the one “geese day” within the song! And let’s not get into the procurement issues around nine ladies dancing, just at this moment...

Anyway, thanks to all who attended, and you can now take the “test” related to the session, available here. (You need to be registered on the Bravo BEN network first). Remember, even if you didn’t come last week, you can take the simple 10-question test, and if you have completed all six of this year’s tests, and actually attended at least three sessions, you can qualify for the excellent end of term dinner next week (17th December in London).

The ten people with the highest marks across the six tests will get an invite – but hurry, you only have a few days to do that. And on the 17th, we will announce the winner of the BravoSolution scholarship, with £2500 to spend on training and development activities going to the overall winner.

You can also get hold of a copy of our slides from last week’s session here. If you did not attend, but want to take the test, I suggest the slides will be very useful. You might need Wikipedia as well for a couple of the questions. Anyone fancy a Chestnut-Bellied Partridge roasting over the open fire?

And finally, we have produced a short Paper on the 12 Days theme, which will be available for download later this week. Look out for that shortly, and we will be publishing a couple of extracts here as well in the next few days.

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First Voice

  1. Guy Allen:

    Peter, many would claim that my whole Procurement career has been an ‘act’ so it wasnt too much a stretch to fill the several roles.

    And those that were not there……you did indeed miss quite probably the only ever Procurement presentation to include a short recorder recital from the main speaker!

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