The 1975 – Debut Album straight in at Number 1

Look, I know this is pure self-aggrandizement but I can't resist.

In out predictions for 2013 from a musical perspective, we tipped strongly a young band from Manchester - The 1975 - that weren't too well known at the time.

We went to see them at our little local venue, the brilliant West End Centre in Aldershot in February, along with around 100 other people.

Then we saw them pack out the Festival Republic tent and the surrounding areas at Reading Festival last month. Perhaps 8,000 people - things move on in six months.

And tonight their debut album went straight into the album charts at number 1.  Well done guys - it's an excellent album too, and they're going to be huge if they hold themselves together.

And here's  a live version of perhaps their best track to date - although I must say the album isn't just the single plus some fillers, it is end to end strong stuff. But this not very good recording is from one of the other 73 people at that Aldershot venue! Just remember this when they're playing the O2 in 2015 and headlining Reading / Glasto in 2016.

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First Voice

  1. PlanBee:

    Well done Peter.

    Can we now talk about Tegan & Sarah. 9.5/10? Really? Just Shakespeares Sister for the modern age. I only listened to that album twice too

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