The alternative (procurement) party conference

As we are in the UK political party conference season, and the Conservatives are meeting this week, I thought we would run a short series looking at the big issues being discussed  - but from a procurement perspective.

To keep it snappy, we'll focus on three questions.

1. What are the big procurement issues in this sector given the likely policy direction?

2. What are the risks / critical success factors for procurement and procurement people in these areas?

3.  What does this mean for (at least some) providers to these sectors?

We'll exclude the generic 'cost savings' issues such as centralising procurement as we've covered them extensively anyway.  So we'll take a look at arguably the 'big 4' spend and policy areas; Welfare, Health, Education and Defence.  The external spend across these four areas (including related aspects such as social care) is over half of the entire public sector £200 billion annual third party expenditure.  So reasonably important then....

We'll start with Welfare tomorrow.

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