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As the general election approaches in the UK, we are getting excited about the Big Event. No, not the boring old voting on May 7TH bit, but our Pub Debate on April 28th at the Red Lion in Whitehall. Based very loosely on the format used in the famous Oxford and Cambridge Union Debates, which have seen people such as Winston Churchill, the Dalai Lama, Bonnie Tyler, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and Katie Price (yes, really) addressing the audience, the motion to be debated at our event is this:

“This (Public) House believes that the result of the General Election will have no impact on public sector procurement.”

Held in conjunction with eProcurement firm Procserve, we will be discussing whether politics and politicians really impact on how the state spends its £200 billion a year with third party suppliers, or whether the changes we have seen in public procurement are driven by non-party political factors.

The evening will be both light hearted – heckling (within reason) and rubbishing your opponents’ arguments expected – but with some serious points too, I’m sure. Speakers are limited to seven minutes each by the power-crazed Chair (me), followed by questions from the floor, then a vote, so we will be finished by 7pm to let you return home to your loved ones. Or hang around for some excellent networking and a few drinks.

And we can now announce that as well as the brilliant Lee Tribe, Procurement Supremo for the Met Police, speaking for the motion will be the incomparable David Smith, ex CPO of the Department of Work and Pensions and CIPS Past President. Many of you will know that David is just about the most entertaining and yet thought-provoking speaker in our business, so that should be good.

Giving the supply side view of all this is Jackie Lacey from travel firm Corporate Travel Management, who I’m told has some forthright views of her own. And our fourth mystery speaker is ... a mystery! But won’t be a disappointment, I know.

Tickets are free, courtesy of Procserve, but you do need to register so we know how much food to provide - you can do that here.  And put the date in your diary, I'm sure it is going to be an interesting and enjoyable session.

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