The CFO and the CPO – Webinar with Rosslyn Analytics & Gert van der Heijden

The relationship between the CPO (or Procurement Director, or whatever) and the CFO is almost always key. It may be a direct reporting line, but even if it is not, the link is still important. The CFO can be a great ally for procurement, supporting the function and giving credibility and prestige as well as direct support. But equally it can be a problematical relationship if objectives are not aligned or the CFO simply does not understand or respect what procurement is delivering.

Personally, I reported to CFOs, COOs, and even an “executive deputy chairman” during my time in senior procurement roles. They all had their positives – and the odd negative too! But one thing we can say without too much fear of contradiction is that CFOs respond well to data and numbers. That is so core to their own jobs, they do expect other functions and senior executives also to have a good grip of the numbers in my experience. That is very true of the CPO, whatever the direct reporting line.

So this webinar: Connecting CFOs and CPOs through unified analytics should be worth catching on November 4th at 4pm (UK time - 11am East Coast USA). It is organised by Rosslyn Analytics, a leading provider of spend analytics technology, and it features our colleague, editor of Spend Matters Netherlands, Gert van der Heijden.

As well as Gert, the session has Paul Cook, VP Global Sales, Rosslyn Analytics hosting, joined by a special guest, Han Kieftenbeld, an experienced international CFO and CPO (not too many of those around!) I don’t know Han but reading his LinkedIn profile, which is very impressive, he has genuinely done both big CPO and finance roles, so his perspective will be fascinating.

According to Rosslyn, here is what’s on the agenda for the session:

  • Why best-in-class companies have an integrated finance and procurement organization
  • How analytics are serving to unify, align and support finance and procurement
  • Five examples of how shared data is benefiting finance and procurement teams
  • Practical examples of how CFOs and CPOs can do to improve collaboration

I guess it depends what you mean by “integrated” under that first point. I don’t think procurement must report to finance, but if “integration” means that strong working relationship at least, then we’ll agree with that. My additional question would be this – how do you make sure the CFO doesn’t see procurement as just a “savings factory”? That is a challenge for many functions, we’ve found.

Anyway, you can register here for the webinar – oh yes, it will be conducted in English, not Dutch!

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