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The next eWorld Purchasing and Supply event is at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster, central London, on September 24th in London.  We’ve covered the event a number of times and it brings together a lot of the major (and not so major) procurement and supply chain technology firms as exhibitors and sponsors, plus a good cross-section of public and private sector procurement delegates.

Proactis are the lead sponsors, and Gatewit, Hubwoo, Iasta, SAP, Science Warehouse, Source Dogg, Market Dojo, Wax Digital, Capita and others are also involved. As a practitioner, it really is a good opportunity to meet a lot of the major technology players in a short space of time and catch up on what’s going on in that market.

But this event is different from previous in one vitally important sense - I’m running a session! I’m going to talk about “Public and Private Sector Procurement – what’s the difference and what on earth is Commissioning?”

eWorld_160pxSept2013 (2)So there are two main themes, as you may be able to tell from the perhaps overly-descriptive session title. I’m going to follow up on some of my recent blogging around the Commissioning question, and also explore the public / private issue. Are there really huge differences or is that more about perception than reality?

And to help me consider those questions, the eWorld organisers and I have developed a survey which we’d love you to complete. It is relevant to both public AND private sector people – that’s the whole point of it – and we want to explore what you think about the differences between the sectors.

It will take you literally 5 minutes to complete, there’s only a handful of (interesting) questions but I think it will give us some good material to discuss on the 24th, and here on Spend Matters after that of course.

You can complete the survey here. Many thanks – your participation is much appreciated!  (And don’t put it off to later, you know you’ll forget, do it now...)

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  1. Dan:

    Public sector procurers have to put up with a lot more sh*t than the private sector

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