The End of Marketing Procurement? Join Us and 4C for a Webinar on May 5th

You can sign up here for our free upcoming webinar on Thursday 5th May at 12.30pm BST with our friends at 4C Associates, the consulting and managed services firm. The provoking title is `Is this the end of marketing procurement?`

You can hear Milan Panchmatia, Managing Partner at 4C Associates and me as we discuss the future of marketing procurement (that is, the procurement of marketing services, not how we market procurement, if you see what we mean!)

This has been a hot topic for some time but got even more interesting recently when Pepsi-Cola, one of the largest marketing firms in the world, announced they were getting rid of their entire marketing services procurement team. The work was 'returned' to the brand managers, with Pepsi-Co saying this would increase efficiency and effectiveness, with the implication that direct ownership by brand managers would offer more speed and flexibility in the fast-moving markets in which they operate.

Does this signify a major problem for marketing services procurement? Indeed, is it the beginning of the end for the profession's work in that area? Or was this just an isolated incident, perhaps suggesting some specific weaknesses in one firm’s procurement function?  That what I will be discussion with Milan. We'll tell you now, we are not too gloomy, however, there are certainly points that need to be considered and steps that must be taken if procurement is to make a contribution in this area.

In fact, what is clear is that many of the issues in marketing services procurement are in fact replicated across many other categories and in some sense for the whole procurement profession. The challenges of understanding stakeholder needs; the pace of market change; the impact of technology; these are all factors that may have played a role here and everyone involved in procurement should be aware of the implications. Given that, we think this webinar should certainly be of interest to anyone involved in what we might call "indirect" procurement (not just marketing services), and to anyone in a senior procurement role.

We look forward to some lively discussion on the 5th  - do book here.

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