“The Fellowship of the Spend”, road warrior warnings, and a procurement manifesto

I do love a shorter week, don't you? As we head into the summer season, our US editor Sydney Lazarus asked each Spend Matters team member what we're hoping to procure this summer, and the results were quite interesting (the team is very excited about hammocks).

Another bit of advice for the summer: slow down! Jason Busch issues a warning "To All My Consulting Friends and Fellow Road Warriors: Take Care of Yourself"

We're hosting some fantastic webinars over the next few weeks, and you should attend them, though I realize they are very late in the day for UK/Europe. If you don't feel like watching a webinar after 8pm, please register anyway so we know to send you the slides and recording:

Other stuff:

Last but certainly not least, I'd like to prominently feature this fantastic manifesto from our Chief Research Officer, Pierre Mitchell: Toothless Bumbles and the Search for Objectivity in the Procurement Solutions Market. Read it over the weekend, and please provide your commentary.

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