The Foreign Corrupt Policies Act, Cheap Seafood, and Henley Royal Regatta

Greetings, Spend Matters UK. This post comes to you live FROM the UK, where I have been to do this and that for work and attend the Henley Royal Regatta for play (more on that in a bit!) Though I wasn't physically in the United States this week, a lot still went on:

Thomas Kase dives into a two-part series on the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Policies Act). The first is on how it has become an industry unto itself, and the second features an interview with the so-called "FCPA professor" himself, Mike Kohler (though we caution you to not take this as legal advice). An interesting read nonetheless!

We're happy to announce several new research papers, all of which you can spend your hard-earned summer weekend reading by downloading here:

How long has it been since you've visited the Spend Matters Almanac? Too long, I'd guess. We're still writing about procurement companies as they enter their information (and thus get all of Spend Matters' reader's eyeballs on them), and the latest feature is on Corporate United.

Jason Busch thinks that procurement services strategy firms are "slumming it."

He also lays out the true supply chain cost for cheap seafood.

How are we truly defining e-invoicing and dynamic discounting these days?

Now, I'd like to list some of the top differences between the Henley Royal Regatta (which I attended for the first time yesterday) and any regatta I have attended/coached/raced at in at in the US:

  • I did not see a single hot dog, bowl of chili, or strip of bacon, which I count as a good thing?
  • None of the rowers were huddled up together in sleeping bags under a massive tent like a pile of puppies.
  • The hats. They're incredible.
  • The blazers. They're incredible.
  • The below-the-knee dress police.
  • I'd really like to introduce Pimm's to US regattas.
  • I do enjoy good old-fashioned camaraderie. We need more of that (this ties back to the blazers).

Any other comments from former rowers who may have competed in the states as well?? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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