The Future of Procurement – our first video!

We've been pontificating and procrastinating about using video here for some time, and with Claire joining us for the summer, and her being a bit of an expert with the video (she has those proper big lights and everything), the time seemed to be right.

So, for a while at least, you’re going to be seeing more of me. I know, that could be a scary thought. But  rather than purely random musings, we thought we’d start with a series of videos around a particular theme. Over the next few weeks, we’re therefore going to be looking at a major topic – the future of procurement, no less.

I’m not promising we will arrive at answers or firm conclusions, but we hope you find it interesting. In this first video, I’m setting the scene and answering the most basic question – is there a future for procurement at all?  There’s the famous “black box” that some people think could take over our entire role – I tell you what I think about that.

OK, I know it’s not as exciting as the new Justin Timberlake video, but on the other hand, what does he know about supply chain risk? And keep the comments clean, please!

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First Voice

  1. Market Dojo:

    Quite bemused by this conversation about procurement disappearing.

    If you look at engineering for example, computers are doing more and more of the work, not just helping with the analysis but also making predictions such as the design of an exhaust using complex fluid structure interaction. Does this mean you won’t need engineers in the future? Well, maybe if you are looking 100’s of years in the future when computers and robots do all the work letting the human race live in a hedonistic society, but until that time, of course not. The technology allows people to work more efficiently on the mundane tasks freeing up time to be more creative and strategic.

    The procurement world is no different with the commoditisation of technology allowing procurement professionals to work more efficiently at the operational side whilst freeing up time for driving added value, strategic category management, complex negotiations and innovation. If anything, with technology helping to streamline the process, it will allow procurement professionals to do………more procurement.

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