The going rate – procurement when it’s a Byers market

According to the Lawyer, top partners in the biggest law firms have dropped rates to around £450 an hour - or £3,600 a day.

I understand that on the large Government frameworks, even the blue chip consultancies offer their Partners for under £3,000 a day.

Makes Stephen Byers at "£3-5,000"  a day look a bit expensive - not clear he has quite the intellectual capital of a Linklaters or KPMG  Partner!

And, in the spirit of benchmarking, (exec appointments), £4000 could also get you 10 days of a "Senior Business Analyst",  5 days of a "Finance Business Analytics and Strategy Director" or 4 days of an "Interim Director of Compliance".

I'll be coming back soon (either here or on the Supply Management blog) with further advice for all of you who I know are thinking about how to run your next procurement for a Cabinet Minister .  It is an interesting spend category, and one that is likely to gain in importance over the coming years....

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