The latest Spend Matters 50/50 write-ups, and making “value beyond cost” a real thing

Sometimes as I go through the day-to-day at Spend Matters, I have to stop and think about how much I've learned in the past four years. When I started, I had come from a world of trim/safety/bleed and dot gain, so shifting to P2P, S2P, DMAIC, and the like was a big change. But at least those acronyms actually stand for something. I recently stumbled across an article that I remembered reading years ago, and it still holds true: business language is mostly a load of crap. With all of the low-hanging fruit, chickens and eggs, "lots of moving parts," and making hay, it seems that most of us, despite being procurement people, actually work on a very creepy, metaphorically-driven farm of sorts. And don't get me started on "opening the kimono."

Anyway, my rant has a point. In procurement, there is much focus on "value beyond cost." So you've figured out cost savings - yay! But what next? There must be more than this!

There is, and we're presenting a webinar that asks one simple question: Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing: an Oxymoron? Pierre Mitchell says "The search for 'value beyond cost' requires joint understanding and interaction. Perhaps it's time to stop playing games and engage suppliers proactively across the process lifecycle in a more seamless fashion that reduces friction and value destruction." Amen! Join us next Wednesday for more.

From the analysts:

New Spend Matters Almanac 50/50 entries (haven't submitted your entry yet? Do it! It's free!):

Finally, happy summer.

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