The Latest WIPs – You Should Be Considering These Innovative Platforms

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With the growth of WIPs (work intermediation platforms), it seems like every service you can imagine can now be sourced easily and quickly through easy-to-use platforms that link buyers and sellers, cutting out the traditional agency or prime contractor that we used to need to find us people with particular skills.

Here are four of the new platforms that we have come across recently – and do tune in to Andrew Karpie, our resident guru on WIPs, who writes as one of our colleagues in Spend Matters US. Your colleagues are going to be buying services using these platforms, whether you like it or not, so get with the programme, procurement people!


Have you ever needed a sandwich, right now? But not one of your standard Pret a Manger or local sandwich shop products, but something special – you know, your particular favourite? Maybe Banana, Tuna and Miso?  Well, provides that service, with delivery in under ten minutes in most major cities. The beauty is that each of the sandwich makers listed on the platform is only allowed to provide one sandwich type, so you know they will be really, really good at it. And with thousands of artisans listed, your weird combination will probably be there for your enjoyment! Maple syrup, salmon and mustard anyone? has come up with a brilliantly simple idea for business people who need to impress. Say you’re going off to an important negotiation. You might be outnumbered – their side may well have 3 or 4 people in the meeting, but no-one else is available from your side. So this “hire a business sidekick” service can provide the people to support you. They won’t say much, but you can choose what impression you want to make. Pick from basketball-tall Ukrainians if a bit of a physical threat would help – or a gorgeous Sri Lankan 25-year-old (several sexes available) if you want to simply distract your “opponent”. For a small additional fee, they will come equipped with key phrases to bolster your standing and ego during the meeting. provides a whole range of voice-over artists on an as-a-service basis. The website has thousands of performers, from the famous to the ... less famous, let's just say.  That includes every different nationality, accent, age, sex and voice type you can imagine.  So for your next corporate video or podcast, why not hire someone who sounds a bit different?  We might even use it in the procurement arena - what about a sweet, elderly Australian lady to tell your stakeholders about your new procurement policy? Or a squeaky-voiced teen (actually a 45-year from Kansas) to launch your SRM programme – your suppliers are bound to listen!  An essential service for your marketing colleagues as well of course. – say it out loud, it’s a neat name for this as-a service business, dedicated to emptying waste baskets. How often have you been frustrated by a messy, overflowing receptacle? But no more. Just check out the very intuitive platform, with a very neat UI, and within 15 minutes a waste disposal operative, well equipped with rubber gloves and a large black sack will be in your office to take your waste away, no questions asked. Certain items will attract a small surcharge, and surge pricing applies when triggered by the founders’ patented locality “WDDC” (waste disposal density calculation) algorithm.

We'll be back with more exciting and innovative WIPs soon!


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  1. Jonathan Betts: also provides access to flexible labour in season.

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