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As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Spend Matters has had quite a week. All of our sites got a bit of a facelift (with the US site moving to a completely new platform), and we launched the Spend Matters Network, which pulls all global Spend Matters content into once place (as if you didn’t have enough to keep you busy on the internet already)!

Yes, we’re still working out some bugs, and will be for some time, but the launch was a massive undertaking for the entire Spend Matters team and I’d like to recognize and thank everybody for their hard work. That being said, if you DO see a bug, I’m here to fix it, so send me an email:

Here’s a word from Pierre Mitchell:

What You Will NOT See From Spend Matters in the Future -- In procurement, as in other areas, sometimes it’s as important to talk about what you don’tdo (e.g., being a personal buying concierge of tactical stuff) as what you do. So, here are some things that you should expect NOT to see on Spend Matters…

We had a webinar featuring Dell and Coupa.

What You Wanted To Know About Supplier Networks But Were Afraid to Ask -- As one of the largest suppliers on global supplier networks today, Dell won’t pull any punches. And Kevin Turner, participating on behalf of Dell, is a true expert in supplier network nuances, variations, overall business models and value propositions for buyers and suppliers alike. Join us to get the true supplier perspective on networks – and to learn everything about supplier networks you wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Click here to view the recorded event!

Walmart’s reshoring challenges.

5 Challenges From Walmart’s $50 Billion Reshoring Strategy -- Earlier this month, we covered Walmart’s recently announced strategy to drive $50 billion in spending to US suppliers over the next decade. The plan calls for what is probably the largest reshoring effort crossing categories, geographies and industries (from apparel to furniture). Yet Walmart’s logically intentioned efforts might not be as easy as some think.  Our experience looking at reshoring and domestic manufacturing (both generally speaking and on a category specific basis) points to five specific challenges that Walmart is likely to face with varying degrees of impact based on the good-for-resale area.

Jason rants about public sector sourcing ridiculousness.

Public Sector Backwardness in Sourcing and Cost Management (Part 1) -- Having gotten to know a good number of executives and consultants over the years working in public sector sourcing in the US – not to mention my friend and UK-based colleague Peter Smith’s contacts – it strikes me that sometimes an environment with the least public sector guidance and required rigor is the best when it comes to strategic sourcing and negotiation. The situation in the UK is particular out of control given how many of the advanced techniques and features that public sector employees could be using in tools such as Emptoris, BravoSolution and Intenda sit on the shelf or go unused in other platforms, either owing to ignorance (not the main cause in our book) or required processes that do not enable new approaches. (Part 2 here)

We finished our series on Coupa’s suite offering.

Coupa’s Suite: From Procurement To Accounts Payable (Part 3) -- For invoicing or other areas of Coupa’s modules during the configuration process, users can opt to apply rules to specific vendors or specific types of steps. For example, Coupa shared sample rules for invoices for MRO or office product vendors (based, perhaps, on SKU changes or substitution) as well as other example rules for check requests, large purchases and specific services type purchases and invoices. Obviously the sky is the limit with these types of configurations, but the combined simplicity, depth and ability for a truly non-technical user to create rules during an implementation process (or on the fly) is what makes Coupa stand out.

Meet Toro y Moi...

I can't stop listening to this one...check out the new album Anything in Return.

From Pitchfork: "We like to think of artists as straining against their limitations, pushing boundaries, confounding expectations, and provoking listeners. This framework makes it easy to underestimate the kind of ambition Chaz Bundick's demonstrated within the context of Toro Y Moi. He's a prolific artist who never comes off like he's in a race with his muse; he subtly expands his range and refines his production skills, but in genres uniformly bereft of bombast or overstatement."

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