The Perfect Storm – public procurement faces its biggest challenge

Along with friends and colleagues who have vast experience in public sector procurement and project management, I've been considering the issues that public sector procurement might face after the election; and what procurement can contribute to getting the UK out of the economic hole it finds itself in.

With two weeks to go before the election, we're going to serialise the resulting "White Paper", enigmatically titled  "The Perfect Storm" (with the sub-heading 'Delivering public procurement savings under pressure').

Here is the first paragraph of the Introduction; more to follow on a daily basis (and we will make the whole thing available as well).

The title of this White Paper may seem peculiar, but public expenditure in the UK will be under more pressure, whoever wins the election, than for many decades.  And public sector procurement (the acquisition from external organisations of the goods and services that the public sector needs to do its job) is going to have to succeed in the face of several huge challenges, potentially coinciding; a “perfect storm”.  Public procurement will either come through this stronger than ever, having made a major contribution to economic recovery.  Or it will have lost credibility, and risk being sidelined for many years to come.

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