The Pope and Procurement Succession Planning

I felt we had to think of something relevant to write about with a connection to the Pope’s news this week, whilst being very conscious that we didn’t want to upset anyone – well, no more than we usually do, anyway.

I wondered briefly whether there might be something interesting about the increasing use of temporary and interim managers, even in very high level management roles, but perhaps not – that could descend into something sacrilegious, I suspect. But on mentioning this dilemma on Twitter, the answer came (thanks Dan)- succession planning!

It would be fascinating to know whether the Vatican does engage, even informally, in succession planning. We know that a new Pope is elected by the conclave of cardinals, so there cannot be any direct identification of a successor in a planned sense. But is someone thinking about making sure there are good candidates available, for instance by some career planning so that the “top” cardinals have a rounded cv, if and when they come to the point of being considered for the top job?

Anyway, let’s bring it back to procurement. For a CPO / senior procurement leaders , we’d suggest there are two key strands to procurement succession planning.

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