The Power of Contracting to Accelerate Procurement and Mitigate Global Risk

We have a webinar coming up on March 3, a popular day it would seem for procurement events, with contract life-cycle management (CLM) cloud solution provider, Icertis. It’s at 11am and will include an opportunity for Q&A at the end. So if you can put aside some time to listen in on how the latest technology developments in contract management can accelerate time to value, then it’s 45 minutes of your time well spent.

Our General Manager for Europe, Jenny Draper, will be joined by Richard Beaumont, Managing Director and Procurement Entrepreneur from PeerPair Ltd, and Vivek Bharti, sourcing technology expert at Icertis, to discuss how leading procurement organisations are speeding up the procurement process and delivering quantifiable, sourcing-led cost savings to their enterprise.

As Vivek Bharti says: “Today’s procurement organisations are being asked to move faster than ever to source the materials needed by their companies, and 'contract-centric sourcing,' a new paradigm for sourcing organisations, can save millions in leakage and accelerate the buying process.”

The webinar will discuss:

  • How concurrent contracting is affecting procurement organisations
  • How Contract Lifecycle Management technology is delivering cost savings and accelerating procurement cycle processes
  • How sourcing organisations can minimise procurement risks

Concurrent contracting is an emerging best practice that introduces contract language at the beginning of the sourcing process to avoid downstream delays after a supplier is chosen. It creates business value by reducing risk, streamlining workflows and speeding up contract cycles through cutting-edge contract management technology – all will be explained further in the webinar, along with:

  • The latest in CLM thinking, in terms of technology developments, and the benefits that can be obtained through a structured approach to CLM
  • The growing importance of effective CLM to manage risk, and criteria to look for when evaluating contract management capabilities

So whether you are adopting, changing or just thinking about your contract management approach, the speakers will be able to answer your questions. And Icertis will have some useful case studies to hand as examples of what you can achieve when CLM is done properly.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

11:00 AM GMT - 1 hour

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