The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 7 – An Interview with Sheena Smith

As we explained in our initial post, we are running a series of podcasts we have named The Procurement Analysts' Reel – in them we speak to each of our analysts about their areas of expertise, and their thoughts on current market trends within their procurement domains.

We thought it was about time our readers got to understand who it is that is behind our vendor and tech analysis and who contributes to the famous SolutionMap vendor and platform benchmark rankings. The analysts have a deep understanding of the procurement market which can help procurement practitioners and leaders with their business challenges.

Here's Sheena:

In a nutshell: 

Sheena is Spend Matters’ VP Client Services working closely with solution providers, practitioners, investors and consultants.

Sheena’s background and role at Spend Matters 

After graduating in English Literature and working as a freelance copywriter for several years for large advertising agencies, Sheena joined Spend Matters as an editor. She went on to develop her role significantly over the years, moving on to managing clients and ultimately to running client services. She leads the whole client team and works closely with four client segments: solution providers, practitioners, investors and consultants. This year, she has spearheaded the ‘practitioner programme’ helping practitioners from different industries and sizes to choose the right procurement technology. She has also been heavily involved in launching Spend Matters Nexus, which aids private equity and internal corporate development teams with due diligence and corporate strategy around M&A activity.

What makes Sheena passionate about procurement? 

Sheena is amazed that so many people do not give a second thought to “where their stuff comes from, how companies are run or how the laptop you use all day everyday even got there.” She loves diving deeper into the industry that makes all of this possible, finds procurement both “complicated and cool” at the same time, and believes procurement doesn’t get the limelight it deserves.

What does Sheena think people don’t know about Spend Matters, but should?

Tactically, Sheena feels many people don’t realise how much time practitioner companies put into building out an RFP and comparing the procurement technology vendors they are looking at for day-to-day functions. The process “takes away so much time and effort from the strategic work they need to be doing.” She believes people should be aware of the ways Spend Matters can help streamline that process in a more data-driven manner.

Unlike other firms, Spend Matters asks very deep questions and doesn’t hesitate to challenge the operational methods of its clients. However, she says, strategically, it is beneficial to be flexible in order to change and grow with clients.

What does Sheena believe is Spend Matters’ biggest opportunity?

Sheena believes Spend Matters’ power lies in the historical data surrounding provider changes we have built up in SolutionMap. She feels the new ways that consumers are choosing technology reflect how the industry has grown, streamlined and become more digital. This data helps Spend Matters stay on the bleeding edge of the market and helps people “grow maturity over time to do the best for the industry and for themselves.”

Listen to the full podcast to get to know Sheena better.

Tune in next week for our interview with more of our analysts!


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