The Sir Philip Green report – and this time I really was on the radio – honest!

I wrote a rapid blog for Supply Management yesterday on the publication of the Green report; and that wasn't the end of the excitement...

As regular readers may remember, last time I told you I was going to be on the radio, I had the embarrassment of being cut from the programme at the last minute!

But last night I survived and featured on the World Tonight on Radio 4 - although what was broadcast was somewhat cut and edited from the original.  I was called around teatime after someone at the BBC saw one of my blogs.  The 'radio car' - a very nifty transit van with lots of stuff in the back  (that's a technical term we experienced broadcasters use - you know, headphones and microphones and...stuff...)  turned up outside the house at 9pm and 75 minutes later my interview was broadcast.

Ritula Shah (who has a lovely voice) interviewed me from the studios through the headphones and it all went fine except when I said 'NDPB' rather than non-departmental public body and got stopped for using jargon.  They edited it, so  in a couple of cases it now sounds like I didn't really answer her question; and they cut one or two of my less positive comments on the report actually (which is probably a good thing,) but if you want to listen, it is here after 18.20 minutes of the programme.

And if you're ever in the same position, I can thoroughly recommend  a glass and a half of the Majestic Bernard Series South African Viognier (special offer, £7.49 if you buy two bottles) to steady the interview nerves...

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  1. David Smith:


    Apologies that I did not hear you myself, but Hunada did and said you were very good!!!!

    1. Peter:

      I think I said the wrong thing when the guy phoned – “I’m not really a radio 4 man, it’s usually 1, 2 or 6”! Bit of an icy few seconds after that.
      Anyway no excuse, you can get it on the iPlayer… they did cut my rebuffal of the “procurement cards aren’t controlled” nonsense unfortunately but sounded reasonably balanced I think which was the aim.

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