There Are 8 Ways Procurement Delivers Value – Webinar on September 25 Will Explain All …

We explained recently about our forthcoming webinar with Coupa Software,  on Tuesday September 25th, titled "Procurement Delivers Value in Eight Ways – Savings Is Only One of Them"!

We’ve got a briefing paper coming out this month too on the same topic, which looks at the issue of what value means and how procurement contributes towards it in different ways. The fact that procurement is about value, not just savings, is a truism these days, but sadly there is considerable evidence that procurement is being held back by a lack of understanding amongst our key senior colleagues and stakeholders in terms of what the function can contribute.

Logically, that means either procurement itself does not understand value clearly enough, in real business terms, or we aren’t communicating it well enough. In either case, there are opportunities here for many procurement leaders to improve in this area.

Too often procurement is still seen as “the people who drive down cost”, (or even “the people who get in the way when we want to do our jobs”), yet in many spend categories, cost reduction isn’t the main objective – or at least it shouldn’t be!

We’ve also found that exploring “value” when it does go beyond costs often doesn’t get much further than vague statements about “quality” or “service”. But frankly those aren’t words that motivate the Board in the way that issues and words like “margin”, “annual revenue growth” or “analysts earning projections” definitely do.

So, procurement needs to really understand all the ways in which it can deliver value, and express that value in terms that will interest, excite and motivate the top team. And in this webinar, we will get stuck into exactly those issues. We can’t hope to give you ALL the answers in 45 minutes, but we’re pretty sure we will give you some different and hopefully new ideas about how you can frame procurement’s activities in real value terms.

John Callan from Coupa will also give a brief update on some of the latest and interesting capabilities that the firm is providing to support value, but this isn’t a sales pitch, it is really about discussing how procurement can be more valuable and more respected within organisations. There will be time for Q&A and some good discussion too, we hope, so please do join us on September 25th. Register here.

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