Think global, young procurement person!

At the recent Procurement Talent conference, we heard excellent presentations from a number of truly international firms, including SABMiller, AstraZeneca and Rolls Royce. The two latter of those firms have a British heritage, but see themselves as global citizens, with income coming from all over the world, and growth prospects stronger in developing markets than in Europe or the US.

We got into interesting discussion around what this means in terms of the people we will see working in our procurement functions. Of course it varies by firm; SABMiller, with a South African heritage, are incredibly international in their approach, whereas Rolls Royce still have their main manufacturing base in the UK.  So SABMiller are very clear, for example, that someone who aspires to senior management in procurement ( or any other function) will need to have worked in different parts of the world, not just in the main procurement office in Switzerland.

So, as the world’s economic centre of gravity shifts eastwards, and opportunities emerge in Africa and South America as well as the current focus on Asian growth, is it inevitable that the UK and other Western European countries will see a loss of senior procurement roles from large international firms?

(You can read the full article continued here, at Spend Matters search4 procurement, our jobs website)!

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