Thinking of Building Your Own eSourcing System – Please Don’t!

Hey you! Yes you, sitting there thinking about building your own eSourcing system - and maybe aiming to build in a few other capabilities whilst you're about it. Maybe a bit of spend analytics? Some contract management perhaps?

Now we don't much care whether you are public or private sector - although actually, in a sense, I care more if you are public sector because you are going to waste MY money. And every other taxpayer's money too.

But whatever organisation you work for, please, don't do it. There are many reasons why you shouldn't. They run from the easy availability of commercial off the shelf systems that are highly capable these days, to the cost of keeping the system up to date and compliant for many years to come. (In the public sector, you are going to need a new release every time the EU or national regulations change). And do you know what the average cost and time over-runs are on home-made eSourcing systems? No, I don't either, but I'm pretty sure the timing issues run into the years rather than months, and potentially a number with lots of zeros in terms of cost.

We wrote a paper about this a while back - you can download it here from the Vortal website (Vortal are Portugal's leading public sector software provider, but this message applies to everyone, as we said earlier). It gives our views on why anyone who builds their own system is deluded at best, quite possibly self-serving and sometimes (at worst) something else we won't even mention.

Why are we publishing this today? Because we have heard rumours about a couple of cases recently where public sector organisations appear to be seriously thinking about building their own systems. Please, if you are thinking this way, read our paper, and we're happy to have a chat if anyone wants to do that.

Thinking of building your own system? Just say no, you know it makes sense!

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