This Week’s Summary of Articles from Public Spend Matters Europe

A summary of our stories from around Europe on Public Spend Matters Europe. The site continues to receive good reception from the public procurement community and contributions from guest authors are becoming more prolific. There’s a new article every day so the volume of diverse and interesting reads is really starting to mount up and many are attracting comments from experts. Each Friday, we are featuring a brief summary of the main articles published that week on PSME. If you see something of interest, please click through and take a look at the whole thing – there’s lots to catch up on around Europe.

zIndex Rates Czech Municipalities on Procurement  Performance - An Excellent Initiative! 

We had a very interesting discussion with a group of people from the European Commission whose work is around the public procurement agenda. They pointed us towards a number of interesting websites, resources and people that we should (and will) feature. The first is a very interesting and enterprising Czech website called zIndex, created by researchers at the Charles University in Prague. It's a tool for benchmarking public procurement and you can use it to compare how well cities manage their public money -- fascinating and innovative!

Funding Boost for European Small Businesses

SMEs in Europe will have access to finance worth hundreds of millions of Euros, primarily from EU structural funds (the European Fund for Strategic Investments later in the year) to help boost innovation, which has been held back through deficiency in funds. This situation has hampered growth in Europe alongside high public debt in some countries. Great news for SMEs across Europe -- they play a large role in Europe’s economy.

Procurement Week Wales – Pedro Telles Wants to Re-Engineer EU Procurement Regulations

Telles argues that public procurement exists not to “enable great procurement” but to stop really bad procurement – to put a floor under how bad procurement can get. But, he says, this is misaligned with reality. He thinks that tight regulations are needed for lower-value contracts, on the grounds that they may well be awarded by less experienced people who need the guidance and the rules to make sure they act in the right way. Discussion follows ...

Public Procurement Developments – What Did We Learn From the GO Awards?

Last week saw the National Government Opportunities (GO) Excellence in Public Procurement Awards 2015/16 Awards held in Manchester. It is largely an event for UK organisations, mainly procurement teams from contracting authorities, although some of the 12 categories are open to suppliers too. We will be featuring some of the most interesting entries on our Spend Matters UK/Europe website, but we thought it would be interesting for a pan-European audience to highlight what seem to be some of the major trends or useful learning that comes out of the awards.


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