This Week’s Summary of Articles from Public Spend Matters Europe

A summary of our stories from around Europe on Public Spend Matters Europe this week. There’s a new article every day so the volume of diverse and interesting reads is really starting to mount up and many are attracting comments from experts. Each Friday, we are featuring a brief summary of the main articles published that week on PSME. If you see something of interest, please click through and take a look at the whole thing.

Entrepreneurship in Residence – a Procurement of Innovation Case Study

At Wales Procurement Week, we were given the opportunity to listen to three case studies on procurement innovation from cities around the world.  Each gave examples of how innovation had been used to bring more effective and efficient products or services to the citizen and public departments. The story from San Francisco caught our attention. The Director from the Mayor's Office told us how the Government had responded to the demand for innovation in the public sector. The most interesting of its initiatives was the launch of an Entrepreneurship in Residence programme, to help entrepreneurs, technologists and start-ups develop technology-enabled products and services for its $142 billion public sector market.

Controversial Slovakian Procurement Law Will Be Ineffective, Claim Critics

New public procurement laws in Slovakia have restricted and complicated the tendering process, drawing criticisms from law experts and opposition parties. Since the beginning of March, new laws have prevented companies with unclear ownership or those owned by public officials from taking part in public procurements. The government also included an amendment that streamlines purchasing made in preparation for the EU Council presidency in 2016. One law expert claims that such a law violates European law on public procurement.

The Innovation Partnership – Science Fiction, A Corruption Opportunity, or a Worthwhile Option?

Pedro Telles from Swansea University and Albert Sánchez Graells from Leicester University have set themselves the task of addressing a single “regulation” from the UK’s Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Whist they are looking at the UK regulations, the vast majority of their commentary is relevant to the entire EU as the UK transposition is very faithful to the European Directives. They recently looked at the Innovation Partnership procedure, and it is fair to say the new initiative has not been met with great praise and pleasure from either of them -- they have a number of concerns.

Five Tips for Organisations Bidding for Public Sector Contracts

We feature a “top five” list of key advice to bidders -- we are not claiming these are the only points or the most important, but they are all topics that came up in our recent discussion at a training session we gave helping firms that are bidding or wish to bid for government contracts. All are worth noting for any organisation that wants to win public contracts. We go from Don’t say “no” to any qualification questions to Write clearly, make it easy for the evaluator. All good advice and worth clicking through.

EU Publishes List Of PCP and PPI Projects

The European Union has published a useful summary of all pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) projects. The list, published last month, outlines EU co-financed projects in the ICT domain that are implementing joint transnational PCPs and PPIs, as well as co-financed coordination and networking projects related to these. We’ve picked out a few of the more interesting listed projects that are being implemented across Europe.

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