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Here's a summary of our stories from around Europe on Public Spend Matters Europe this week. There’s a new article every day and many are attracting comments from experts. Each Friday, we are featuring a brief summary of the main articles published that week on PSME. If you see something of interest, please click through and take a look at the whole thing.

e-Public Procurement Conference in Porto – Nikita Stampa’s Keynote

From last week’s conference, comments on the keynote address from Stampa, a top man in the European Commission in terms of eProcurement development and implementation. What exactly do the new directives mean when they mandate eProcurement, for instance, was one of the issues he tackled. We were left with a realisation that there is a lot left to do in this area, although the Commission is trying to help countries that are lagging behind.

 Denmark Wins Right to Host Secretariat to Standardise Public eProcurement in the EU

The country has for many years been a leader in public sector eProcurement, so it is perhaps fitting that they will lead the effort to set the framework for a common European electronic procurement process. That sounds like a non-trivial task, particularly after hearing Nikita Stampa’s presentation (see above).

 Porto Employs Sustainable Procurement Criteria in Waste Management

Waste management association LIPOR is leading the way for procurement of sustainable cleaning services in Portugal. It carried out a restricted procedure by pre-qualification to contract for cleaning services in 2014 in order to optimise costs and increase the efficiency. LIPOR expressed the benefits and implications of its sustainable public procurement policy to tenderers, and developed a monitoring plan to assess contract execution. The organisation also decided how it would work with suppliers that did not initially respond to requirements. It considers it crucial to establish a dialogue with suppliers from the very start in order to know how suppliers will respond to demanding and complex procedures. LIPOR reflects on some of the lessons it learned.

 European Public Procurement News - This Week's Summary

How is Hungary getting on in terms of transposing the EU procurement directives? How much have procurement violations cost the Bulgarian taxpayer over the last year? And how will Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova SMEs benefit from EU grant facilities? All you ever wanted to know about these key issues in our exciting weekly roundup!

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