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This is a summary of our stories from around Europe on Public Spend Matters Europe this week. There’s a new article every day and many are attracting comments from experts. Each Friday, we are featuring a brief summaryof the main articles published that week on PSME. If you see something of interest, please click through and take a look at the whole thing.

Markus Hornburg of Tungsten – An Expert View on European eInvoicing

Can we reach the public sector eInvoicing gold at the end of the rainbow? That is the big question we discussed with Markus Hornburg of Tungsten recently. And we get a somewhat bracing view of the current state of play in eInvoicing from a real expert in the field. “If you assume that by 2018, every single public body will have fully implemented eProcurement and eInvoicing, then you have a blurred view of reality.” he says, and goes on to explain why.

Why Supporting SMEs May Be Bad for Europe -- Munir Podumljak at Prague EC Conference

It is always good when someone challenges the orthodox view -- at the recent EC Public Procurement Conference in Prague Munir Podumljak, Executive Director of the Partnership for Social Development in Croatia, said “If we believe in the principles of the EU, then SME friendly is not competition friendly. It leads to inward looking behaviour, stagnation, even recession.” And his view In his view, “you cannot win a large contract if you are not connected.” In this article he explains further.

A Practical Guide To Public Procurement – Abby Semple’s New Book is Essential Reading

We briefly reviewed Abby Semple’s book “A Practical Guide To Public Procurement” on our UK/Europe site recently, but we thought it was worth a longer look here given its focus.  In summary, it is a book that should be bought, we suggest, by pretty much every public sector contracting authority, as well as consultants, lawyers and any major supplier to the public sector who needs to understand how the EU process and regulations should work and sometimes do work. We delve further in this article.

Is the CIPS Licence to Practice Concept Suitable for the Public Sector?

It is over a year now since the UK’s Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply started talking about the idea of “licensing the profession.” The vision is to make procurement into something that looks more like the medical profession, or legal or engineering, where there are certain roles or tasks that can only be carried out by a licensed professional. That professional must have been through particular training and achieved some formal recognition and certification. We discuss why we think this is unworkable in many cases.

Procurement of Innovation Award – Announces Nominees for 2015

Procurement of innovation in public goods and services is not just about R&D. The Procurement of Innovation Award (now in its second year) encourages innovation in the design and delivery of public services, processes and models and the procurement of innovative solutions. Entrants are from all over Europe and are judged on their adoption of an innovation-led approach to buying of more effective and efficient products or services that will ultimately be for the good of the European community. Here is a list of this year's nominees, we will cover the entries and the winner when announced later in the year.

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