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Here's a summary of our stories from around Europe on Public Spend Matters Europe this week. There’s a new article every day and many are attracting comments from experts. Each Friday, we are featuring a briefsummaryof the main articles published that week on PSME. If you see something of interest, please click through and take a look at the whole thing.

World Bank New Procurement Framework Raises Doubts over Funding and Staff

The World Bank has developed a new framework for procurement in what it describes as “a once in a generation systematic reform and culture change.” The new framework, policy, procedures and guidelines may make the Bank’s public procurement a more effective strategic instrument for achieving quality outcomes. However, some doubts exist regarding the amount of funding available and whether staff can support the changes.

Procurement Corruption Allegations - Irish Hospitals Accused

A programme on Irish television last week claimed that a number of procurement staff at two hospitals in the country have received gifts from a supplier in return for favourable treatment – both award of contracts and being given commercially sensitive information. But the problem may spread to a wider range of hospitals.

McDonald’s France McDo Online Ordering App for Faster Fast Food!

Procurement people - and other public servants - need to keep an eye on the best developments coming from private business. And one company looking to “enhance” interactions with their consumer through digital technology is McDonald’s France. The French branch of McDonald’s has built a unique, customised platform with Worldline to procure fast food in an even faster way. It has developed an online platform, including an ordering system and a wallet, to provide the consumer with essential information as well as a “customised ordering experience, so they can have their food and eat it exactly when they want.

Edenred Loses in UK Supreme Court - Extension to NS&I Atos Contract Was Legal

There was an important ruling this month in the UK’s Supreme Court which is likely to be quoted as EU procurement case law on many occasions in the future. It also provides a good route for contracting authorities to build flexibility into their contracts and minimise the number of further procurement exercises that they need to run! The UK government introduced a new scheme for providing parents with tax-free childcare. The Treasury and the Tax Ministry decided that a government owned organisation called National Savings and Investments, which offers savings schemes and Premium Bonds, would deliver the new scheme -- then it all got a bit messy.

EC New Initiative: Training and Assistance with ICT Innovation Procurement

The European Commission has launched a new initiative called European assistance for innovation procurement. It will promote the advantages and best practices of innovative procurement from across Europe, and encourage public procurers of ICT solutions to start new pre-commercial and public innovation procurements. As part of a three-year initiative (2015-2017), public procurers with a strong interest in implementing innovation procurements for EU-wide ICT-based solutions will be given training and assistance.

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