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It's that time of the week again when we give you a roundup of the articles published on Public Spend Matters Europe. Our site, launched on September 1st, is continuing to receive a good reception from the public procurement community around Europe. There’s a new article every day so the volume of diverse and interesting reads is really starting to mount up. Each Friday, we are featuring a brief summary of the main articles published that week on PSME. If you see something of interest, please click through and take a look at the whole thing – there’s lots to catch up on around Europe.

EU infringements for October - Italy is criticised for two procurement issues

The EC recently issued its monthly list of infringements for October, within the list, Italy was criticised for two procurement-related issues. The municipalities of Varese and Casciago have “not organised competitive tendering procedures for the award of waste management services to a privatised company.” Secondly, an extension of 18 years granted to the company which is currently the concessionaire in charge of building and managing a motorway between Livorno on the western coast of Tuscany, and Civitavecchia, 240km down the coast. What will the Italian authorities do? Address these situations, or let matters progress to the Court of Justice?

Public procurement wants to support local business - but there are dangers 

We have seen a desire to “buy local” at different geographic levels. Countries want more of their spend to stay within the country; regions within a country feel the same about firms in their territory, and the same applies all the way down to small towns that want to support business in “their” town. But does anyone think about the negatives of this approach? Whilst it does have some positive justification, it does bring some dangers. We discuss them here.

Results for CSC – a mixed bag, revenue down, margins maintained

Computer Sciences Corporation,  major US-based technology services firm, with a significant customer base in the European public sector, recently reported second-quarter results, which were a real mixed bag. It is the same story we have heard from IBM, SAP and Oracle – the “traditional” business is slowing down and the new cloud-based services and products are not growing fast enough to compensate. So does this all matter to customers?

Procurement is Key Element in Successful Public Development Projects

Three Reasons Procurement is Essential for Development appeared in the Governance for Development section of the World Bank Group website. We wondered which three elements of procurement make it essential in public development projects - so we report them here.

Public Procurement Professionals - Why You Should Use Twitter!

Procurement does not appear to be one of the professions or business areas that is adopting Twitter particularly quickly or extensively. Yet Twitter is and can be a very useful tool for procurement, and deserves to be used much more extensively by procurement professionals. Peter Smith observes some very good reasons why, and points at some real scenarios where, Twitter can be most beneficial in 140 characters or less!

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