Thought for Today – Your CEO Doesn’t Care About “Procurement”

The first in a series of short, sharp nuggets designed to provoke thought.

No competent CEO or Board really cares about the future of the procurement function, the CPO or professional practitioners. They do care about how the external market can bring value and competitive advantage to the organisation and help it achieve its key strategic and operational goals.

We’re going to see some brave CPOs thinking that point through to its logical consequences in the next few years.

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  1. Been Round The Block A Few Times.:

    Suffocating short term objectives leave some of us breathless when it comes to doing the stuff we would love to do.

  2. Pete:

    The value and competitive advantage from the external market is what procurement should be bringing to the business. Sadly, too many functions are reactive to the business and then get hung up on just price and savings without considering the underlying business needs.

    Don’t get me wrong there are examples of good practice out there but there are also still tactical procurement teams who are adding no value.

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