Is the time right for e-invoicing (ask Purchasing Insight and Jason Busch)?

In the first edition of our Newsletter last week, we linked to Purchasing Insight, an excellent blog run by Peter Loughlin who is a real expert - and a genuine practitioner  - in the Purchase to Pay (P2P) field.  One of his areas of interest is electronic ("whatever that means") invoicing and everything around it.   He's recently written a very good piece about the topic, and Jason Busch at Spend Matters US has picked up on the issue and started an interesting debate. As Jason says, introducing Peter:

Peter ... is not only well versed, but extremely articulate and opinionated to a fault. A recipe for a great blogger and analyst? You bet. I had the pleasure of catching up with Peter over a pint last month in the UK, and the enthusiasm for eProcurement and invoicing systems is infectious. I don't entirely agree with him on every issue and business model, mind you, but perhaps our points of argument and debate -- stay tuned as the banter begins -- will help everyone to flesh out what the best models and capabilities in the future will look like. If you don't already read his blog, Purchasing Insight, you should.

You can read Jason's recent post on e-invoicing (with links back to the original Purchasing Insight post) here, and we'll be featuring more links and debate with Mr. Loughlin in the future as well.

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  1. P K Singh:

    Dear Peter,

    I hv closely connected to the “world of business-procurement” since decade, seen evalaution of all sort of technologies….computerization, ERP, P2P, Procurement technology etc with the time whether it is EAST or WEST. One business scenario we can ceratainly n clearly sense — ” Huge Resistance to Change” which dierctly affecting “speed & scale” issue of “Cost of living life”. Even Answer is readily available with the Problem itself — “Imaprting Awarness & Changing mindset of the decison makers”

    Who will take this responsibilty to inject meaning full change in the economy???? — Policy maker, Service Providers, S/w co., Law, Industries/Sectors, Academics, Forum….

    Leaving the ” BOLD & Intelligent ” question upto the readers. Probably time is the best teacher for any big change…

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