Thanks, TIME magazine, with your top 10 of everything – that’s Christmas gone

Happy Christmas!  I'll be fascinated to see how many readers we have on Christmas Day.  I think there should be a special Spend Matters badge or T-shirt or something to thank you...

Anyway... if you love lists (like I do) and if you like to stay in touch with the latest news, thinking, gossip, music (like I do) then here's how you can spend the holidays (like I will).

TIME magazine has published its 'Top 10 of everything lists for just about anything you can imagine; news, business, music, gadgets... (and they also have some others from earlier in the year, not listed here; like the top 50 websites).

Compulsively brilliant, and I estimate this will require at least 238 hours of my time over the next couple of weeks... Just as an example, this is no. 1 in their " Top 10 Talented Web Videos". And it is a bit special - students from the French graphic arts school Axe Sud Toulouse. Don't you wish your school / colllege was / is like this??

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