More top albums of 2013 from our readers

You will of course have studied our top 40 albums of 2013 list (see the final instalment here), but we had a couple of other interesting suggestions from readers. Here is Ian Roadight’s list – a few I didn’t feature, and good choices I think.

  1. Arctic Monkeys - A.M.  5 albums in and Arctic Monkeys continue to move in interesting directions. There is a real 'groove' to A.M (I can't put it any other way) and is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin I - seriously take a listen to both.
  2. John Murry - The Graceless Age. If it's true that artists produce their best work in times of adversity then here is proof. Wife left, overdose, heroin addiction all ticked off and in the middle of all this John Murry produces a truly stunning piece of country folk.
  3. Kurt Vile - Walking On A Pretty Daze. Smoke ring for my halo in 2011 was great - this is better and makes me wish I was back at University again. Lots of reverb and slacker rock tunes made with great attention to detail.
  4. Mazzy Star - Seasons of Your Day. It's been 18 years since their last so I didn't hold high hopes for Seasons Of Your Day, but it manages to sound both new and just like a Mazzy album should without sacrificing quality or damaging their legacy.
  5. John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts. A more electronic flavour to John Grants second solo album but it's still just as melodic. If you need to psych yourself up for a negotiation just put on 'GMF'! (For the avoidance of doubt that is meant tongue in cheek.)
  6. Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle. Ms Marling is yet to release an album that hasn't ended in my end of year top 10. The opening sequence on 'Once...' is as good as anything she has done.
  7. Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience  Yes, it could be criticised for having had the kitchen sink thrown at it, but when your kitchen sink is as good as Justin's why wouldn't you. 'Let the groove get in' is the song of the year and I am not ashamed to tell anyone who asks!
  8. London Grammar - If You Wait. In years to come I think the xx's influence will be heard far and wide but it possibly starts with London Grammar, combined with a hint of Blue Lines Massive Attack. This debut album is beautiful, dark, sparse and grand in equal measure - a group to watch.
  9. Boards of Canada - Tomorrows Harvest. Another long awaited return and this is full of soundscapes from an alien world, it's not an album to have on in the background but equally don't think this is an opaque, demanding listen.
  10. King Krule - 6 feet beneath the moon. Maybe not quite the voice of a new generation that some predicted but so refreshing to hear new music from 'the yoof of today' that is trying to say something, and say it in a refreshing and lyrical way.


Don't forget the Alphabet Bands website and their excellent lists either...

Then “Lincoln Music Fan” (we know who you are...) added his comments to our list; again, some interesting albums here.

My list of ten albums that I’ve enjoyed this year is as follows. All have been carefully selected to demonstrate my indie hipster sense of good taste:

10. The National* – Trouble Will Find Me (+ 5 indie points; quelle surprise, “it’s a grower”)

9. My Bloody Valentine – MBV (+10 indie points; self release for extra cred)

8. Deerhunter – Monomania (+15 indie points; Lockett Pundt has the best track (again))

7. Kurt Vile – Waking On A Pretty Daze (+20 indie points; nice touch calling the backing band ‘The Violators’)

6. Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse (+25 indie points; CD courtesy of a certain Spend Matters competition win)

5. F**k Buttons – Slow Focus (+50 indie points; release on the ATP label scores extra)

4. Hookworms – Pearl Mystic (+299 indie points; best new band in England? Maybe)

3. Black Hearted Brother (+645 indie points; came out of nowhere featuring members of Slowdive and Seefeel, yes please!)

2. Tim Hecker – Virgins (+893.5 indie points; on the Kranky label and ambient-drone – it’s almost a winner).

1. Rodan – Fifteen Quiet Years (+970 indie points; rarities collection from a long since defunct math-rock band from Louisville – indie nerd meltdown time).

* Unfortunately, minus 20,000 indie points for me re The National. I’d confused them with The Automatic (of “Monster” fame) until this year to my eternal shame.

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First Voice

  1. Dom O'Riley:

    Some good choices and one I would say keep an eye out for is the Temperance Movement..album released in September..more rocky..but if you know me that’s my type of music..oh and I hope you all dont mind but a piece of blatant promotion for our charity download out on the 27/1/14 (ITune etc) please spread the word if you like it!

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