“This town …is coming like a Ghost Town” as Olympics lead to a deserted London

London Bridge Station this morning

As the Financial Times reports that parts of London are pretty deserted, we just want to claim physic powers and quote what we said way back in February, when we likened the predictions of doom about the state of London during the Olympics to the Millennium Bug (remember that?) Here’s what we said on February 29th:

So are the numbers coming for the Olympics really enough to  make us even notice a difference? I’m sure we’ll see more big black limos sweeping by, carrying Olympic dignitaries, but given that many tourists and locals will avoid London during the event, I have a suspicion that it might actually seem emptier than usual.

And here’s the FT video showing a deserted City of London and Oxford Street merchants bemoaning their lack of business...


Of course, once word spreads that it isn't a nightmare getting into London, expect it to become...  a nightmare.

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