Trade Extensions 1, Spend Matters 0

I met up with Garry Mansell, CEO of Trade Extensions, for a very serious business discussion on Monday... no, I'm lying, he took me to see Norwich play Sunderland (my birthplace and therefore, unfortunately, the football team I've felt duty bound to support all my life.)

Garry and Trade Extensions have been serious supporters of Norwich for some years, as probably the only supply-chain software firm based in Norfolk. So I was in good, informed company to see Norwich, a team without a single star player, beat Sunderland, full of multi-million pound signings, through greater desire and commitment. And the ability not to shoot (quite literally) 30 feet over the bar, which our striker Sessegnon managed to do not once but 4 times.

Anyway, we did talk a bit of business, and it was good to hear that Trade Extensions aren't seeing any great evidence of economic matters hitting their business, although “some potential customers are taking a bit longer in terms of the sales cycle – CFOs want to have a good look at the business case”. Fortunately, as we've said before, that case for using advanced sourcing / optimisation platforms is pretty impressive (obviously if used in the right way and for the right spend areas).

We featured an interesting Trade Extensions case study here which moved away from pure sourcing into wider production and supply chain matters, and that's an area Mansell is keen to explore further. And don't forget our White Paper if you haven't downloaded it yet, where we look at the whole optimisation approach in more detail. Jason at Spend Matters US also recently featured an informative discussion of their new platform, with screen shots and a detailed description of its features and benefits. I've been intending to link to that for while, so his posts are here, here and here.

It was also good to get out of the urban south-east at least for a few hours, although the wide open rural landscape has hidden dangers. My train up to Norfolk was slightly delayed – a few hours earlier, a train had sliced a tractor in half as it tried to cross the line near Kings Lynn! Luckily no-one was hurt but “the train was a bit of a mess” as the guy at the Downham Market ticket office said this morning.

Finally, I'm the kiss of death to Sunderland when I see them playing away, so if anyone else wants to guarantee their team gets at least one win this season.. just give me a call!


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  1. David Atkinson:

    Based on evidence gathered over recent seasons (er, actually over ‘many’ seasons) clearly Spend Matters is a regular attendee at Sunderland matches against Newcastle United.

    Thanks Peter. Keep up the good work.

  2. The Guitar Man:


    I often wondered how any CPO could possibly support a professional football team and remain true to his/her own ‘professional principles’.

    You typically have (like me and you) your team chosen for you (usually by your Dad, your place of birth or where you live – excepting Surrey based Manchester United supporters of course), your heart, or madness, always rules over your head. You pay over the odds to support a disparate group of overpaid, ungrateful ‘prima donnas’ who care very little for you. The price goes up every year (withour consultation or negotiation), you get increasingly less value for money, poorer performance, ownership change without your agreement or consultation and I’ll not mention ‘ethics’!. The Ts and Cs on your season ticket are worthless, resale value is negliable and yet you keep coming back to buy more with that July/August ‘can’t wait for it to start’ attitude. You’ll never consider changing supply (excepting Surrey based MUFC supporters as referenced above) and wistfully assume it will all eventually get better – but it rarely does.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

  3. The Guitar Man:

    Shouldn’t that be Trade Extensions 2 Supply Matters 1.

    …and do I hear “Bruce out, Smith in!”

    If our respective teams meet in the FA Cup this year (different leagues, I’m sad to say), then feel free to come along.

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