Trade Extensions go live with Spend Matters; and more on Rooney’s contract

We announced Trade Extensions as a Lead Sponsor last week, and you will see their logo now on our site.  Welcome again to them and we appreciate their support.

I wrote briefly about the firm here; and Jason also covered their products here last week. As Jason said, "Their customer list, even though not huge, is one of the most impressive I've seen,"  and we will cover them further in more detail over weeks and months to come.

I' m also hopeful that they will play a role in developing our Spend Matters community in other ways.  Having a Swedish heritage means they can help us I hope develop better coverage of the Scandinavian procurement world.

And in a different manner, Garry Mansell, their MD, made a good start the other week with a very perceptive comment on our short series about Wayne Rooney's negotiating strategy in terms of his new contract with Manchester United!  I suggested that Rooney and his team had played a better hand than the club.  Garry commented with an aspect that hadn't occurred to me.

"There may well be one other reason why the deal is now in place and is for so long. Its the common practice of increasing the value of your asset.  By giving young Wayne a five year deal,  Sir Alex has further increased his resale value. ...I can hear Sir Alex now (in a future sale negotiation) … “But we have his services for 5 years, that's what you have to buy off of me, I don’t need to sell, do you want to wait all that time to get him for a nothing but a signing on fee?”…..

So I get the feeling this is a nice little piece of mutuality going on, Wayne jumps ship in January for top dollar, his agent gets a bigger wedge, as does Wayne, and Manchester United get a bigger payday to put towards their debt interest. Anybody who is a buyer here not seen that one done to them? Now excuse me, Im just about to put the coffee on and bake some bread, we have somebody coming round to view the house…"

Very perceptive Garry, I suspect you're right.  I can see why you've been so successful...!

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