Trade Financing Matters – yes it does!

Not long ago we told you about the new Public Spend Forum website, covering largely US government procurement issues – and it continues to feature a regular flow of interesting material. My colleague Jason Busch, partner in Spend Matters UK/Europe, has now launched yet another joint venture site – Trade Financing Matters. You can take a look at it here.

Jason has teamed up in this case with David Gustin as his partner in the new venture. I had the pleasure of meeting David this week in London, and he is incredibly knowledgeable in this field (as well as being a very nice guy).  Here’s how the team explained what they’re going to be covering.

“The plan for Trade Financing Matters is to combine the existing Spend Matters procure-to-pay (P2P) coverage with David’s existing body of research and extensive network gained through managing Global Business Intelligence, a trade financing research and advisory firm. David will serve as Managing Director and Editor of Trade Financing Matters.

Our mission is simple: discuss the issues related to the convergence of banking/finance with supplier networks, e-invoicing, eProcurement, P2P, and order-to-cash technologies. Trade Financing Matters will focus on the financial supply chain and its intersections with purchase-to-pay platforms, technologies, and processes (and broader procurement, accounts payable, treasury, and related functional areas). Payables Finance and Receivables Finance will form the core of the coverage”.

Not every procurement practitioner needs to understand this topic in detail. But if you are involved in (for instance) more complex supply chains, international trading and buying, e-Invoicing or supply chain finance, there will undoubtedly be material of interest on the new site.

And we believe that the worlds of finance and procurement are becoming more aligned and will continue to move in that direction. So even if it is not of deep interest now, it’s worth making sure you have some working knowledge of these issues for future reference, I’d suggest!

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