Trade Interchange and the Diamond Jubilee Procurement Timeline

You may be aware that it is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend – 60 years since she ascended the throne. I was a Republican at one point, but I’ve come to believe that we are lucky to have our Queen, and she is infinitely preferable to a President Blair, Clegg, or Thatcher. (Never mind the First Lady Cherie...) Anyway, we offer our loyal congratulations.

There’s been remarkably little mention of the celebrations in the procurement world, but one exception is a neat piece of work that the folks at Trade Interchange (UK cloud sourcing and supplier information management software provider) have put together. We featured the firm a while ago here.

They've put together a timeline showing the major events of the Queen's reign in royal terms – various marriages, deaths etc – and the major procurement milestones of the last 60 years set alongside. You can see it here on their website.

Those procurement-related events range through the formation of SAP, the development of public sector procurement, the first £100K CPO job advertised, through to cloud and sustainable sourcing.

It’s a great idea, so to celebrate the Jubilee, we’re launching an exciting competition!

What major event or events in the last 60 years would you put on your procurement timeline?  You can suggest one or many – but avoid those Trade Interchange have already used. We’re looking for the most thought-provoking, interesting, humorous, or insightful.

And no, we’re not offering the famous, indeed mythical, Spend Matters Mug as the prize. We’re going to really go crazy and offer a half-case of Champagne to the winner.  Entries close on June 15th to give you a little time.

You can enter via the “comments” section or email me directly at psmith(at)

Good luck!

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Voices (10)

  1. Phoenix:

    I’m still a Republican. We should reserve the prime minister role for the politicians, and elect a President as Head of State who (nearly) everybody likes.

    Rolf Harris for Prez!

  2. Little Acorn:

    25 March 1957 – signing of the Treaty of Rome and within the maximum 3-month challenge timeframe I ‘popped out’ on the 24 June!

  3. Toni:

    I would put the EU procurement directives 31st March 2004.
    Strange it is not on their list, quite significant on how procurement runs around here…

    1. Rob:

      Ok, if we’re going to be serious…

      September 1983: Harvard Business Review publishes the Kraljic matrix on purchasing strategy

      1. Final Furlong:

        If we’re thinking of articles and publications, then “The Machine That Changed The World” published 1990.

  4. Rob:

    Challenge accepted. Simply:

    23rd April 1966. I was born.

    1. The Guitar Man:

      Just missed England wining the World Cup then Rob! (PS I must have assumed you were older!!!!).

      1. Rob:

        I bought the DVD.

        I’ve prefer to call it the ‘weathered look’ – made easy by being born ‘Up North’.

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