Tradeshift on CapitalAid – Coupa 10 – How Spend Analysis is Changing

Jason Busch interviewed Tradeshift’s Christian Lanng about a range of topics, including the nuances between the funding approach and mechanisms of the recently announced CapitalAid partnership and platform. (Here’s the original announcement, if you didn’t see).

Procurian has released a “Spend Trends” report based on market analysis from the company’s more than 600 category specialists. We saw quite a bit of material that could be of interest for Spend Matters readers, so be sure to check it out.

It’s a jungle out there: Riding the Management Consulting Sourcing and Procurement Services Safari

Over on Spend Matters PRO, we’ve reviewed Coupa’s latest sourcing release, focusing on customer/partner/competitor recommendations.

And on Spend Matters Plus, we’ve taken a deep-dive into the spend analysis market (where it’s been, and of more interest, where it’s going): Spend Analysis: Observations on a Fast-Evolving Market

Finally, I’m not typically one for “ambient” music, but I am one for the angsty teen drama of the television show Skins. Here’s a new album from Segal, who did all the mixing for the show. You can hear hints of the TV show’s opening in “Gloaming the Plain.”


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